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About Clear Gem

Clear Gem is a collection of unified Cloud Apps that are ideal for groups of all sizes including: startups, mid-sized companies, large enterprises, non-profits, schools, clubs, government & military teams.

Using Clear Gem can enable your team to be up to 40% more efficient, instead of countless other separate products.

Use Clear Gem in every aspect of your business from planning, sharing, tracking, communicating, documenting & executing.  Support Marketing, Sales, Operations, Delivery, Projects, Support, HR, Legal, IT and more.

Create & share your business Gems with your team and across the Clear Gem Apps.

Cloud Apps

Clear Gem Cloud Apps

Clear Gem offers a unified solution that consolidates many stand-alone products in the market to make your team and business up to 40% more efficient and at a much better price.  Your business just keeps saving and saving with Clear Gem.

Is your business staff moving slow having to hop between too many separate software products?  Tired of feeling like your plans, teams and customer data are disconnected?  Solve those challenges & more by signing up for Clear Gem today !

Run your Sales & Delivery in 1 Place

Website App

Promote your product and services, capture sales leads & customer support requests all from your Website built here within Clear Gem.  Contact us to build your future website.


Automatically populate, assign & manage your sales leads, customer support tickets & other business operations with custom workflow.  Stop running your sales from your email inbox.

Projects, Wiki, Chat Apps

Create & manage agile & kanban projects for your internal teams & clients.  Collaborate with your team on documentation with text, voice, video & screen sharing.

Forms App

Gather team, volunteers, customers & vendor feedback with custom forms.  Create business, project and marketing surveys to improve your business and grow.

Referrals App

Share your Referrals App with external business partners and create a collaborative and trackable sales referral business.  Great for sales networking communities and groups.  Warm Sales Referrals convert to revenue faster than cold calls.  Ask us for more information to help.

Desktop App

Create, assign & track individual todo items with team member, share internal team emails via notifications, manage internal team calendar, and capture meeting notes.  Use Gems to convert notes to action items, projects tasks, conversation points, and more.

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More Efficient

Make your team up to 40% more efficient working & sharing

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Priced for start-ups and scales to large enterprises

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Eliminate at least 15 other separate products & bills


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