We provide high quality custom software development for our clients that are unmatched in the industry.  Our engineering and creative team will build your custom software solution using our rapid, agile & high quality Executive Approach.  Let us prove we can be your trusted partner.


Quality Solutions Matter

Quality engineering is core to us and our clients.  Your engineering designs and code will be built to meet your immediate priorities and be future-ready.  This is critical when you need to add new features, run across multiple platforms, and integrate with other systems.  Our approach is a significant difference between good code and bad code.  Your software solution will be built on-spec, reliable, scalable, reliable, and user friendly.


Experienced Professionals

You wouldn’t hire a carpenter to design & custom build your dream home.   Instead, you’d hire an experienced professional home builder who takes you through the process of requirements, blueprints, construction, inspections, and ready for use.  The same holds true for custom software projects.  We are the experienced professionals who successfully bring your custom solutions to life through a rapid quality engineering, creative & business process that fits within your budget.


Any Technology and Platform

Our extensive technology and industry experience provides the versatility you need for your custom solutions.  Our team of project managers, scrum masters, business analysts, software engineers, quality testers and IT support specialize in every major software development platform available and are here for your success.

Tap into our Executive Approach for your custom solutions spanning: cloud consulting, database design and redesign, mobile and tablet app development, web applications, systems integration, Software-as-a-Service SaaS, software product development and user interface design.


Honest, Reliable & Transparent

Transparency is key for success.  Our Executive Approach ensures you have high visibility to each step along your projects.  We will provide honest, relevant, and frequent updates for you.  From startup companies to Fortune 500’s, we’ve worked with them all and we anxiously welcome your new project.   Contact Us today for a free quote and let us earn your trust as a reliable partner making you and your business a success.


Emergency Project Salvage & Recovery

About 20% of new client projects involve us quickly jumping in, taking over and saving current software projects from other external firms and even from internal staff. These projects are usually too complex for the staff assigned, the staff have often quit, they are long past their due dates, over budget, incomplete and defective. Because this is so common, we have an extremely efficient & rapid method to snap-shot the state of your project, identify all the gaps and provide a roadmap that gets you to the point of “Done-Done”. The real “Done”. No more excuses. You deserve better, and we want to earn your trust getting you to “Done-Done” with complete confidence and a decent night’s sleep again. 

Example Areas for Custom Software Solutions

  • External Web Applications
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • CMS – Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Applications
  • Internal Staff Applications
  • Secure Partner Facing Applications
  • Third-Party & Internal Integrations
  • Custom Desktop Applications
  • Application Modernization
  • 2D & 3D Graphics Engines
  • Database Designs, Redesigns & Migrations
  • Management Reporting Systems ( BI – DW – KM )



Microsoft .NET Framework ( ASPX – VB.NET – C# – J# – DotNetNuke DNN )
C – C++ – Objective-C – Assembly
PHP ( LAMP Stack – Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP – Magento – WordPress )
Python ( Django – Grappelli – Pyramid – Plone)
Cloud ( Cloud Integration – Cloud Architecture – Hosting – Security )
Mobility ( Apple – Android – Microsoft – Smart Phone – Tablet )
Database ( Oracle – MySQL – SQL Server – Access – LDAP – MongoDB – PostgreSQL )
J2EE ( Java – JSP – Java Beans – EJB – JSF – JavaScript – AJAX )
Visual Basic ( VB – VBA – Excel)

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