Forms App

Grow data collection into an engaging experience with unlimited forms, surveys, sales forms, customer support tickets, vendor responses, employee updates & more.

The Forms App provides the following:

  • Pick from many types of fields to create an unlimited number of Forms.
  • Customize the look & feel of the Form page, Form fields and the Form complete page to match your branding.
  • Publish Forms to be available for the general internet “public” that you can link to on websites or send links out via email, txt and more.
  • Publish Forms to be available as “private” that are only for users logged-in to your instance.
  • Collect Form submission results to review in or export for user & reporting externally.
  • Create Forms for any use such as: sales leads, customer support tickets, product or service feedback, event planning ideas, post event feedback, project requirements & ideas, project sprint feedback, vendor RFP interest, custom surveys, employment candidate interest, testing skills, team interview feedback, process improvement ideas, and more. It is only limited by your imagination in every area of your business.
  • Use the Actions App to to automate moving your Forms submissions into other Clear Gem App or to get notifications about new Form results. Turn a Form result into a Project Task, ToDo item, CRM record, Email, and more.

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